Thursday, August 11, 2005

Seasons of Warfare

When King David was a young man he killed a lion and a bear while looking after his fathers sheep. Later when in Isreal's camp he heard goliath mock the Armies of Isreal and The living God. So he went to Saul and told him of how he had killed the lion and the bear and that Goliath would be next .Saul allowed David to face Goliath. David killed Goliath.

The significance of the lion and the bear is that God is preparing you . He is preparing you for the enemies you will face in life .

What you defeat when nobody is watching will determine what you defeat in public .

The enemy is not out to wound you he is out to steal kill and destroy you . He wont came to you and just hurt you he will start small soon you will be dead so like David kill the enemy when he steals your sheep(small things).David killed the enemy when nobody was watching ,when the enemy stole only a sheep.Later he defeated a bigger enemy and retained his kingdom for bigger thing so that many years later a blind man cried

"son of David heal me"

The enemy wasnt after david's sheep but preventing Jesus from arriving on the scene .

So in short the enemy is not after your today he is after your future think about it .

Arm yourself if you are facing serious warfare today its becoz the enemy sees what you can do and he is determined to stop and destroy you .Remember if God is for you who can be against you.Fight the small battles in private and you will be victorious in public . Yeshu Adonai El elion


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Ahem :) Preach it brother. How about us starting to chat a bit about our christian walk. Just reading your blog tells me that we possibly have many encouraging stories to share. Drop me a line sometime. My email address is

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Praise God! This really touched my heart. I have goose pimps.