Sunday, October 16, 2005


It is said that very man is a fool and a king .what he becames is what those around him bring out in him,especially family and significant others.If you bring out the best in a man he becames a king and a priest ,what God created him to be .Before a man becames a king he has to face giants.Giants want to prevent the man from becaming the king He is meant to be .The Bible is full of stories of kings and the giants they faced some fell others overcame . Saul faced pride and lost while David face Goliath and walked into his destiny .Every man has to face giants how you handle yourself when you face your giant will determine the kind of king you will be.

I once heard that giants are sign posts that you are about to enter the promised land .when the 12 spies went to scout the promised land 10 of them reported of the giants the saw and were scared but joshua and caleb never saw giants instead the saw them as sign posts that they had arrived in the promised land . joshua and caleb depended on GOD and had faith in his promise and so did David . So as you get ready to walk into your promised land you will see giants dont be afraid they are only sign posts that you have arrived. walk through in the name of God and in faith... be the man that God called you to be ... a KING and a PRIEST

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