Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Thank you once again

I thank you God once again . For being so kind and loving to me .You are so good to me and have never failed me .

that sato night coming from carni you heard my prayer and spared my life and when I forgot you still had mercy and gave me yet another chance

That last beer that I drunk many years ago , I thank you for killing that desire with one word you set me free from a life that would have been ruined

when I told you me dreams you plucked them and gave them to me. The desires of my heart you have given to me.

you have done so much you have shown me so much I can not put it to words for words can not do justice to it .I will never stop praising you I will never stop talking about you for I have seen what you have done that nobody else could do .

I praise you my King
I praise you my lord
I praise you my friend
I praise you Jesus for that is all I can do
to say of what you can do


Anonymous said...
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shiro said...

how come guys are advertising on your blog? by teh way its really sawa. I keep reading it for inspiration.

Joseph Walking said...

The devil is always at work.trying to distruct and destroy God's work but victory is ours not because of who we are but whose we are