Sunday, November 27, 2005

Praise comes before a victory

Today was a day of revelation to me, through out the week i was in a battle ,.... this time he came too close. My mind was under attack my integrity was gone I was just sinking by the day. It just did not happen it started slowly and progressed the next thing I knew I was in trouble. However, today I went to church and God had sent a word. it was waiting for me when i got to church . I have been wondering all week what’s up with me

Then as I sat in the pew, it all started coming as we sang I started seeing. ....the reason I was under attack was a side show keeping me focused on myself and not on family members I have been praying for . The devil had pulled a fast one me but thank God that the battle is not ours but the HIS. We are told to stand firm and see the deliverance of the Lord. Today I saw the schemes of the evil one being defeated .The devils plan crumbled and the light shown in my life. Like the song down by the riverside, … I laid my burdens down and am traveling light.

I thank God for the salvation of family members ,for healed minds and relationships. The devil is a lair and the Bible says no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, that as for me and my house we shall serve the lord .

Today if you are saved and in a fight its aside show because the word of God says that Jesus will not loose those who are given to him, the devil is trying to silence your prayers and your life but a city on a hill can not be hidden. Today just I was set free you too can be freed from attack.

Call upon the lord and he will answer begin by praise because the word says that praise precedes a victory. Any foothold the devil has in your life as a Christian is not stolen you gave him that foothold. Your life is a living sacrifice to God tell the devil to get out and say to him the Lord rebuke you be gone . take back the ground captured by the enemy

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Poi said...

Can't believe I just found your blog...

Very deep and blessing read this was to me tonight.

God bless Joe, keep the faith, its worth it :)