Wednesday, December 21, 2005

2006 Resolutions

I know we often make them but never keep them but I think I have a record of keeping mine .so I guess here are mine.
(All GOD willing)

Walk the walk with more conviction
Appreciate them more than I ever have.
Diversify more and save more
Stop dating I think in my life this area can be classified as a catastrophe I cant pick normal women so I think a year of serious reflection is what I need .I overheard someone say Cinderella has issues but I think this year I don’t need those issues I have my own to think about I don’t need more
(notice how long this resolution is lol)
get into that doctorate program


Poi said...

There you go Joe!

Oh well, I don't make none myself not because keep I don't or won't for that matter but because it's just not a me/this-girl thing.

Yours sound good though, short and precise(if we are not talking the r/ships one tehehhehe) All the best in keeping those and hey all I can add is walk the walk in line you get it?

Can I give my 2-cents on dating and of r/ships?your take....I love reading it's my 1st passion and one of my best Xtian authors is Joshua Harris, love him. And guess what am reading right now? -I kissed dating goodbye-well don't read too much into the title but hey it's worth the try so if u wanna you can get yourself one.

Thanks for sharing this...

Did I already say Merry, Merry Xmas to Joe & the fam :)

Joseph Walking said...

lol there is a book like that lol ok poi remind me to write on this issue i even have the heading

'Walking like Elijah,stalked by jezabel-u got saved but your ex didnt' the heading just gave me goose pimples

Poi said...

Heheheh imtellnya Joe on the real kabisa i'm reading the book, google it and u shall see for yourself lol

Reminder no.1 and counting....

Bring on the post. I'm floored eti walking like Elijah,stalked by jezabel on the real Joe or kidding? that sounds like a great read

Farmgal said...

stalked by jezebel! that has to be a must read....all the best with your new year resolutions.
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year!

nick said...

ha all the best in them resolutions...i made some last year and actually made progress in some especially to do with procrastination...LOL or u swap the "diversify and save more" to relationships ha ha ha ha

SMW said...

I really like your blog. It is sincere but not preachy, honest and encouraging.

I'll definately be back.

Merry Christmas to you too. I'm a bit bitter at times, but I'll be okay. Guess who's gonna get the glory in the end.

I already KNOW it! That's why I can rejoice now.

Stop by and follow my life as He performs the miracle of healing my heart. I know it's coming.

I praise God for it right now!

Mignon said...

Hey Joe...good for you that you keep your resolutions. I break every resolution I make so it's kinda pointless. Happy New Year :)

Joseph Walking said...

good to see you can already see it happening.your perception is your reality

mind over matter always

remember no romance without finance Acquisitions come before mergers