Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Real friend

Kenyas' geopolitical position is that the people of Sudan are our African brothers, the Libyans are our African brothers ,the Egyptians are our African brothers but
Who are the real friends of Kenya?
If you really want to know who your real friends are, they are the ones who came to your help when you are in trouble .
Israel is Kenya’s friend that is closer than a brother. Whenever we are in trouble Israel always helps us with no strings attached .They never issue travel warnings .Their diplomats never abuse our Hospitality poking their noses into our internal affairs .Their embassy never treats us like sub humans when we want to visit their land

I am Proud to say you are a real friend God bless you
24 A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24 (New International Version)


Anonymous said...

Reading press reports,even in our pain they are still trying to exploit us. We appriciate the help from isreal but reports of british help are fabrications of the western media.10 british tourist despatched by the british government and yet to arrive hardly contsitutes any help . let the isrealis do their work send home the British tourists as soon as they arrive or even better yet redirect them to maasai mara

Poi said...

Very well said, Joe!

True & real friends(are few)and are those who stand with us regardless of the situation(s) and aftermath of the situation and Israel stands to this definition. Thank you for recognising them, kudos Israel! God bless.

Hope you're having a lovely week!

WM said...

I actually just came over to say hello and to say thank you for visiting my blog. You know, you are right (although I am the least religious person I know)--when we had the embassy bombing, it was the Israelis who were the first foreigners on the scene to help that time to, whilst the U.S. marines were busy trying to stop people from stealing computers. (???)
Except, except, except--there is the Palestinian thing. It is something that no-one from an ex-settler colony can live with comfortably, especially if one is from Kenya and have, as part of our identity, the idea that we too, fought to reclaim our land. So this is a complicated situation.

Joseph Walking said...

Shalom back to you .I will be the first to say that we serve a God of justice. And from one blood he created all nations that is what my Bible tells me.. my heart goes to Palestinians .The Palestinian representative here in the states said it best “for those who love Israel we are not asking us to abandon them as friends ,we are asking you to add us also as friends. So as much as I love Israel I love Palestine. A peaceful co existence of both Palestine and Israel s is possible. The bible says that all things are possible with God. It also goes further to say that in heaven every nation will be present I look forward to praise to our Mighty God with my Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Shalom .Amani

Irena said...

Remeber the Jews were meant to settle in Kenya before they got the Palestinian land. Maybe that is why ..just kidding . Their proximity to Kenya and their superior know- how in disaster recovery missions (they have had enough of such in their own country ). Are you sure they have no string attached? I would like to explore this someday but bless them for their response.

Joseph Walking said...
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Joseph Walking said...

Irena if there are any (strings)i can assure you they are mutually beneficial.unlike some--- that tourist sending country that i shall not name. by the way when are we talking them to the international court of justice .

Kenyangal said...

Yes its true, i never thought about it, Israel never really put any demands on Kenya like Uk or USa and they help us during Crises! Yes, they really do seem to be our frineds!! (but nowadays i have to be suspicious of all countries, its like each one has their hidden agenda)

Mignon said...

this comment is a few days late, but i still gotta give props. israel has indeed helped us out in time of need, unlike a few countries we all know. if only kenya would somehow learn from the israelis...