Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today I woke up not my usual self but not exactly down on the dumps just little introspective I think. On my way to work I thought a lot about my blog as well as lots of other things. For one why do we have crossing guards for school children when all they do is walk the kids across the street when the lights turn red. That doesn’t make any sense if you ask me cant the kids just cross alone. Now if the crossing guard stopped cars despite the color of the lights and helped the kids cross that would make more sense.

Anyway back to my blog today I woke with the distinct feeling my blog is becoming a little bit preachy. Someone once told me they like my blog because its honest, passes the word but at the same time its not preachy .And to tell you the truth when I started blogging that was the whole idea. In high school I hated CU guys, I found most of them to be hypocritical, shady and a whole lot of other objectives i wont mention , but there was this one guy in my house I respected .His faith could not be questioned but I(WE) could relate to the guy .You know sometimes we often get carried away and forget that we are not called to hit people over the head with the word but to live as an example .You see actions speak louder than words and its not what we say but how we live that counts . I for one can honestly say I try to live the life of faith.

I may not be perfect but I do try. I would be lying to you if I said that when I meet beautiful women I think oooh what wonderful knee cups they have .No am just a simple guy, yes occasionally I think ooh what wonderful ‘other cups' she has (then I quickly repent lol hahaha..!its not a laughing matter stop laughing ) am just an ordinary guy you see. Yes I talk the talk and I try and walk the walk am not perfect but that’s life. I have been in countless situations where I got to know people and we got on well and they finally came to me and said you know there is something different about you what is it . It wasn’t because I walked over to them with a bible or answered my phone saying Praise the Lord, no it was because I tried walking the walk and tried talking the talk less. So as I end this post I say what I always say am a sinner and the prime difference between a man trying to walk the walk of faith and one who is not is a man of faith knows he is a sinner and thank Jesus for His mercy and forgiveness while the other is still in denial

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Keguro said...

Now, when were you in high school? One of my best friends, a terrific person, wonderful Christian, was unfortunate enough to attend your institution.

I think of him fondly, always.

And Lenana is so going to crush you guys in rugby.