Monday, March 20, 2006

Captain of the Ship

I had a great weekend got to spend some time with my nephew ,He is two going on to three. It’s so funny the way kids grow up so fast, just the other day He was crawling and couldn’t talk .Today his is a handful and sparks the deepest conversations with his talk. Just the other day I too was playing on my fathers lap now I have a nephew who just loves playing on mine.

Today coming to work I could see the moon in the sky, just hanging there. On a bright and clear blue Morning sky, it wasn’t falling; it just hang there . You see everything in this universe has an order to it. the moon stays because God has ordered it to stay ,it can’t do its own thing ,the sun rises because God has ordered it to rise .
so as I looked at the moon this morning I knew that my life was still in order .That God was still in control that He was in charge .When I played with my nephew it was because in His Devine plan he had ordered that I play with my nephew .When I woke this morning it was because He had ordered it before time itself, in eternity that i would see this day .Its such a wonderful feeling to know that your life is in order ,that no matter what you come across, that goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life .

May you have a blessed and ordered day .Rest assured everything is happening according to a Devine plan .That God is in control ,The ship has a captain ,The ship has a captain …
The ship has a captain !

I just hope for you that Jesus is that Captain
I know, O Lord, that man’s road is not his to choose, That man, as he walks cannot direct his own steps
(Jeremiah 10:23)


Guessaurus said...

Another moon watcher(walker?) - I love watching the moon from my room and especially with the curtains open and I can see it progress. This is so apt coz from my sitting room window, I can tell how late it is by where the moon is. Beside the point, I know.

On point though, I am still amazed at the things that happen even if we havent planned for them - it just isnt us to captain the ship, we are just passengers and sometimes the ship stops to let us catch up (physics lesson right there) and sometimes it slows to make us think.

Philosophy isnt my forte, so I shall leave it at that. I am aware that for whatever happens in my life, the Divine one has planned it to a T.

Enjoy the week though.

PS:I agreed with your comment on Shiroh's post, LOL trust me to join you camp in a heartbeat.. What are you doing to me Joe :D

And yes, I was the one in the previous post 'I am finally here' if the link didnt do me justice :(

Poi said...

That's so true and sad that sometimes we refuse to stick to that order.

God's plans are the best, if only we could learn to be patient enough and hang in there regardless of situations we are facing, trust Him n await His intervention, we would be better persons by far, good thing is He is never tired of us no matter what we do or how we treat him.

So you had a nice weekend? glad for u n me too had a really nice one too, i bet ya the best since the year began,hehehhe, so graetful for God's order!

Have a beautiful week!

mama shady said...

it amazing that even when you feel like life is aimless, useless, purposeless...he surprises you (with a little hindsight) and shows you the wonderful way he's bee steering you cause he juad you were bila compass!
yani sometimes i just think 'PHEW!', cause if yani we werent in Gods hands....things would be thick!

WM said...

Yo, Joe (fellow piesces, happy belated birthday!!!) Why did you withdraw your comments, my friend? Disagreement is not dislike, and one of the things I value most about you is that we often disagree so completely, but that your arguments make me think better and more deeply sometimes, than those of who agree with me. So, I just wanted to say, you are always welcome in my house, whenever you want to come back or drop by. Love to your nephew.