Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The past few days have been exceptionally warm .I can say that today has to be one of the brightest mornings ever, which I thought was good until I stepped outside the door. We thought the winter was gone. It turns out its going to snow over the weekend .Parts of Maryland even had a shower or two of snow this morning .The sun was bright but it is really cold out there.

You see in life the physical reflects the spiritual, what we see in the physical is what is happening in the spiritual.(if not in your life well in mine) On the blog I am this super Christian but in real life am struggling with issues. Thank God the scriptures say that when we are weak He (Jesus) is strong. When I struggle and fall God is good and merciful. When am bright and shinny on the blog but cold and flaky in real life he is still merciful and kind to me.

You see seasons come and go. Winter may look like its back, but it too shall come to pass. I may look like am standing but the bible warns those who think they are standing about the fall.I may be fallen but the price was paid at the cross. So if you are going through issues today, like the seasons they too will come to pass.

So if you look bright and shinny on the outside and feel the opposite on the inside remember it’s not permanent. If your walk is messy but you look classy don’t worry it’s not permanent.

I trust that God is not bound by seasons and time, that when He chose me He knew all my mess but He still called me. Am sorry for the mess but am trusting you still bless
Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:6 (New International Version)


strawberries are said...

Hello sunshine, great post as always. You are right we got tempted with great weather this past weekend only to wake up to freezing temps jana and today. Your post is right on target for me, thank you again.
p.s. I left you a msg over at Guess's.

Poi said...

That's one my best verses Joe, that he who began a good work in me, is faithful to bring it to completion.

I'm so encouraged by this! Sorrow may come during the night but in the morning the sun shines again. Though, sometimes not fast enough for us and our human nature but given time in God everything does work out eventually.

Joy comes in the morning.

And the song too was such a blessing,God never brings us to anything beyond us :)

Happy Wednesday!

Kenyangal said...

I loved todays post as I have been going through winter and am breaking into spring now. I also read that when its winter some people make the best of it by skiing and having snowball fights so we should do our best to make the best of all seasons in life.

Yes, i am finally here - :D said...

Hey Joe -LOL please dont fight here, this is peace blog - I love the music - tres cool.

Good message too today - I love it - and especially so when sometimes when we think we are beyond destruction, something kicks our behind back into the line of 'vulnerability'.

I always pray to God to give me humility, especially when I feel invincible coz I know those moments are when I am truly vulnerable.

God bless you brother, and enjoy the rest of the week :)

Joseph Walking said...

Strawberry - may Jesus increase as I decrease I am just a clay pot in the master’s hands so all glory to him.

Poi-true true God is faithful happy wed too may Jesus walk with you and talk to you.

Kenyan girl be blessed may God give you all your desires and more may He open your heart so that you may receive more from him.
Yes am finally here-(is this guess) karibu the Lord said come just as you are. (Even if it is incognito) may God blow your mind with His awesome greatness May He shower you with His great mercy may His light shine on you and your family

PS here there is no fighting just asking the Lord to rebuke the devil

Girl next door said...

I have a question for you that's not directly related to your post. From the topics you post, you seem to be very religious. You also state that Philosophy is one of your interests. I'm taking a philosophy class this sem. and I'm wondering how would you prove the existence of God? Please share your views.

UARIDI said...

While I miss being home, seasonal changes have helped in appreciating some aspects of God. Like spring coming after winter every year.

Be blessed young one.

Joseph Walking said...

first let me clarify i dont think am religious remember marx"religion is the opium of the poor" walking the walk is not about religion its about relationship with christ ,there is a distinct difference(probably requires a whole post of its own).

As for philosophy i could point you to plato's allegory of the cave but that would not help you answer your question . I guess you would have to look in that so not clear branch of philosophy called metaphysics.Because philosophy does recognize the beyond physical but that wont help you either.

if you want to prove the existance of God ask him to prove himself.(He will).As for me every morning ,every sunrise,every bird in the air,when the wind blows in the trees,when i look at nature ,when i smell the fresh morning air i see Him.for me nature is enough i dont need philosophic conviction, i dont need a sage to tell me God gal next door i wont point you to a philospher. if you really want to know,and this is to anyone. go out one morning in a quiet place and watch the sun raise.Go to a water fall and watch the water fall quietly!(dont talk).stand on a deserted beach and look out to the sea . if you do not see God or feel his presence came back and tell me.

Knowing God is a matter of faith.And only God is great enough to show himself. nobody can show you God ,but God can show himself. have a blessed day and may God show himself to you

acolyte said...

The Kanye video is a nice touch, I hadnt seen it before.One of my fave bible verses out your own salvation with fear and trembling.No-one can map out the path your salvation will take but you and God,no pastor,church or tv programme....

Girl next door said...

Thanks for your reply. I agree there's a difference btwn being religious and being spiritual. I'm @ a point in life where I'm questioning a lot of beliefs and figuring out what's important and why I believe in certain things--it's quite a process.

Joseph Walking said...

Acolyte: thats true nobody can map out anothers salvation.God ways are not our ways.-the kanye west video i think shows that.when its time its time nobody can stop it my own life is living proof.

girl next door: I am glad you are having that conversation.keep seeking answers and asking and you shall find.there is a verse that says God rewards those who seek him even before you find him,He is already rewarding you for seeking not many people know that

dangerously_shy said...

Hey Joe,
Rousing post as always!! As far as gloomy cold mornings go, nowhere does it better than England, so ill try and keep this in mind when im being blasted by icy winds and cold showers. Incidentally I was reading up on the effects of complaining so if u don’t mind, allow me to share an excerpt “A complaining mind is a destructive one-destructive to health and happiness. How easily we may be made unhappy depends upon the weakness and ignorance of our own minds. Happy thoughts expressed are like the sunbeams that create warmth-that stimulate one's sense of well being and make us feel happy. Give happiness and you will receive it in return: it is a natural phenomenon of a balanced and well-ordered mind”

So have a nice day filled with happy thoughts wont u?

Abe said...

Hi Joe .... great blog ....

where is the Kanye video ?

Joseph Walking said...

D Shy: thank you for sharing that with us(sounds like something someone would say at an AA meeting my comment that is on sharing)happy thoughts to you too

abe:Welcome,Pot in the Masters hands!pot in the Masters hands!.kanye west video will be recycled dont worry (it was the jesus walks video for ur 411)

dangerously_shy said...

lOL, it does doesnt it? actually its a kabalarian philospohy which as you know is the choice cult for boozy celebs so...tee hee..