Thursday, September 14, 2006


It’s a gloomy day in Maryland, its raining but as you might know I love gloomy days. So the seasons are changing again. Time goes so fast, winter is fast approaching, .It seems just like the other day I blogged about a snow storm. Speaking of storms, time to time I get caught up in a few especially when it comes to Governance /policy and international relations. Having an academic background in these areas. It’s inevitable that I would want to comment on governance related issues.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about these governance issues especially with Kenyans, since we all feel we are qualified to talk about governance .Even though most would flank out of the introductory courses of political science and political theory. Let alone comprehend an intrusive and conceptual look at pre-Socratic philosophy and its implications on democratic societies today. Anyway despite my disagreements with some who don’t share my views. I also come across a few that share some of my views but who still make me sick .Enter one Dr James Dobson-(we share some christian views) and Ms Adeline Mwau -Kenyan Assistant Min for Labor(she is in the current kenyan government that i like). At the moment this two make me feel like throwing up. Ms Mwau is on record as having said in a recent interview that when she hired her current female bodyguard, she had a few specifications that she required of the potential gaurd, including that an applicant should be a non smoker and a non "fanatical Christian”. This coming from the minister of labor.

In her own words practicing discrimination based on religious belief. How can a country like Kenya progress with such stupidity at the highest levels of government .The next thing you know the government will be recruiting Kenya airways pilots and asking for non Muslim applicants? If anything Ms Mwau should resign from government and keep off from the public. How can a minister in the Ministry of labor be on record as being a bigot and flaunting the fact that she discriminates against born again Christians in a country where labor laws specifically make it a crime to discrininate based of religion. It just makes me sick to see a country like Kenya run by people such as Ms Mwau. What message is she sending out to born again christians who work across kenya.what of the hundreds and indeed thousands of military and police officers christians and muslims who are committed to their faith .what message is she sending out to them. Which brings me to Dr. James Dobson self proclaimed republican political activist and “Christian” and the messages he has been putting out .

It is republicans like Dr. Dobson who give republicans a bad name .Listening to this man talk about the former Iranian presidents visit to the United States last weekend made me want to smirk the hell out of him .If the man had actually listened to what the Iranian president had to say he would have been ashamed of his comments this morning .Its funny how some Americans get nationalism and religion crossed. So to the like of James Dopson who mistake Americanism for Christianity I feel sorry for you .Hero worship and flag idolatry are not Christian traits .Jesus was not an American and Christianity is not American belief. You should be ashamed at misrepresenting us with your Neolithic rhetoric. So there you have it .these are the two people who need your prayers the most this year.


Anonymous said...

Wow, on this gloomy day in MD, some light has shone to show us a little bit more of the inner workings of Joseph Walking. Well, at first when I read Madame Mwau's comments on wanting a non-fanatical christian, I was like,"Well!" But Merriam Webster describes the fanatic as being "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion ". When I think about it, I really don't think I want to work with someone who blurs the line between their beliefs and hammering them down my throat on any given opportunity. I don't believe that is what Christ called us to when He saved us. Anything that is excessive then turns deady hence the Osama's and David Koresh's of this world.So in Ms. Mwau's defence, she qualified the kind of christian she wanted as one is not a fanatic. This is someone who she has to spend almost 24 hours with so by golly they have to get along. As for James Dobson, haven't listened to him for a while, but his resources have proven a blessing to me so I cannot comment on that. Enjoy the rest of your rainy day, it might wash off some and reveal more inner workings of Joseph Walking...;)

Joseph Walking said...

Dear Anonymous,

i hear what you are saying and to tell you the truth I am not shocked at your reasoning. I half expected someone to throw in a branch Davidian as an example of a fanatic .As expected you did in the study of logic we have a word for that but i wont go into that .

So no matter what ones views might be on what a fanatic is or is not the law provides protection for all irrespective of what they believe .Hence no defense can be given to The minister .Some of the most experienced body guards in the world today are men and women of strong beliefs “fanatics” as many like to call them think of Osama’s bodyguards or The Israeli Shen-Bet just to name a few this are professionals who carry out their assigned duties , despite what the believe in.

I am not claiming to be an expert of VIP protection but the work of a bodyguard is not a job of companionship ,friendship and sharing stories,for that Ms Mwau needs to find a husband or some friends .

Being a bodyguard is a profession like any other. It has to be carried out professionally and within the boundaries it is set in. The notion the people with strong beliefs can not carry out their official duties without preaching and spreading the word is stupid and vindictive and can not be defended in anyway.

Hiding behind the thought that fanatics are of the likes of house of y-h-w and wahabi islamists doesn’t not mask that many Kenyans think that being saved is being "fanatical"to some degree .I am sure if you probe further you will find that Ms Mwau actually meant a born again Christians. So should we also say that “fanatics” should not ran for president and bar Kalonzo Musyoka or that “fanatics” should not practice law and bar the likes of Fred Odjiambo because we feel they cant be professional enough not to preach in the court room or in state house like a street preachers.

It is this kind of reasoning that makes me sick. In any case what ever ones personal opion ,a senior governments official can not go around making such statements whatever her preferences might be .Especially when that person holds the docket that is meant to enforce labour laws that are internationally recognized and protected under the kenyan constitution.

Going public with such stupidity only shows the kind of reasoning and foolishness that rans rampant in kenya today. One has to wonder if you accept the defense that some may put forth should Ms Mwau now stop going to parliament because all the of all the 'fanatical Christians'who organize prayer breakfasts.

Please give me a break!We fanatics are professional enough to carry out our assigned duties with professionalism.

In anycase let me fanatically remind the Minister that it is not her non fanatical bodyguards who will save and protect her when she needs it most .it is the prayers of christians like me who fanatically pray for her safety
As for Dr Dobson i have no problem with him but he should keep his patriotic americanism out of christianity .it is beacuse of people like him that christians in iraq are worse of today in iraq than they were in sadams time

Anonymous said...

Whoa dude,go easy on the vitriol here...we are one the same side you know. I am a born again Christian and I am not ashamed to proclaim it anywhere I go, its my identity.My co-workers, boss..etc at work know it and respect it. I give my points of view based on my convictions which are driven by the word of God. But I have encounterd fanatics my brother and they are the ones who make it super hard to reach out to those who don't know Christ("...a brother offended is harder to take over than a city..." Psalms).Now that said, the term fanatic can also mean different things to different people.There are those who would call me a 'fanatic' because I don't drink, go to to clubs, have sex with people who are not not my spouses.....etc. There are those who would call me a fanatic because I love to pray, spend time with God, go for keshas..etc. So the term is relative I guess. But I gave Ms. Mwau the benefit of doubt in her choice of the word to describe the type of christian she wanted to work with. Like I said earlier, I don't want to work with someone who so quickly casts a stone at my actions without taking time to know where I am coming from or what I have gone through. Thats the excessive enthusiasm Webster refers to in his definition of the word. I believe in giving everyone equal chance and I would be very dissappointed if indeed Ms. Mwau was refering to born again christians in general, but again, her statement can be interpreted in more ways than one, so I choose to think the best of her instead of the worst.