Monday, September 11, 2006

Cry of the fatherless Nations.

September 11th is a big day here in the states; today millions will remember the falling towers of New York and the thousands that died on that day. I heard a story on the radio from one of the survivors about her escape from the collapsing buildings .According to her the noise of the buildings falling was what stood out for her “imagine the loudest noise you have heard and multiply it by a number of times and that is what it was like”

One my way to work today deep down in my spirit I could hear a similar noise,a rummbling in the atmosphere, a cry!a loud cry that goes unheard. The nations are crying out! And heaven is asking .who will speak to the Nations. The Nations are crying out!The cry manifests itself differently but all the same its a Cry . The hypocrisy of the west and its attitude towards the rest of the world, Destruction in the east,daily bombings and sectarian violence. Death in the south from hunger ,war and diseases and the perversion in the north its materialism and immoral cancer. All loud cries in need of a father.

The Nations are crying. Who will go out and speak to the Nations. Where are the Sons and Daughters who will go out and speak to the fatherless Nations, tell them that Jesus is King .Speak to the powers of darkness tell them they have to flee. Speak to the strongholds tell them to be broken . The world is torn apart by terror ,death and moral decay yet we stay silent and think of only ourselves. The nations are crying yet we know the answer and we dont tell them. There is so much more to this world and our lives yet we think of our selfish needs and wants .Living for the now ,without the thought of eternity and its implications.

So on this September day don’t just remember the towers,the political implications, the thirst for revenge ,the need to gloat or the indifference.Think of what your call and purpose here on earth is! Do you hear the cry of the nations, the cry of your country .the cry of your family? Heaven is asking who will go out for us! Who will speak to the Nations .Who will tell the fatherless Nations of the Father in Heaven and the gift of His son. Who will step up to the call of destiny and purpose.

Look around at the nations. Hear the cry .Speak to the Nations. Live a purposeful life .walk on the road of destiny.Set yourself apart.change the world ,speak to the world .show the world that
We have a father, God creator of heaven and earth

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, reminiscent of some chapters in the book of Ezekiel....