Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Belligerence beyond the border:

Belligerence :bel·lig·er·ence
hostile attitude or nature: bellicoseness, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, contentiousness, hostility, pugnaciousness, pugnacity, truculene.

There was a time when I blogged daily, ideas /stories flowed every morning sometimes I had more that one post of each day. Now I hardly ever post .the reasons! Ooh the reasons. Sometimes in life, we do things that hinder the gifts that we have. For Solomon it was the charms of women that drove him from his gifts (No that’s not an admission lol) but sometimes what happens on the other side of the border does affects what happens on this side of the border.

For years, people in Somalia killed one another while East Africans across their boarder ignored the mayhem and belligerence . Year’s later crime funneled by illegal arms from Somalia has lead to hundred being killed and lives being destroyed within East Africa’s borders.The belligerence across the border did have an effect .Maybe if quick action had been taken then! East African cities would be safer

As a Christian, the same thing happens in our lives. We often separate our lives into compartments.Ignoring sections in our lives that are running rampage(little enclaves ) ,not knowing that one day those 'things will indeed spread and have an effect on other areas of our lives .Sometimes its tempting to say my worship life is doing ok or my praise life is ok, I read my bible everyday .But while all this is going on other parts of our lives are running wild and are contentious to what the holy spirit wants !

I know its sad to realize that this is true but it is better to realize its happening and act before its late .The man who is successful in all he does is a man who obeys God completely.A man at peace with all his border areas , whose 'enclaves ' are inline with God's will ..You may have talents (and dont get me wrong for the bible does say that God does not revoke his gifts) but you will never achieve the full potential of your gifts, if some areas of your life remain belligerent and not under control. Soon you will be remembering the gift you had of putting a message across and wondering what happened. Anyway it’s never too late to bring these areas under control.God is a God of second and third ...chances .

Jesus doesnt want rooms in your house He wants the whole house

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