Saturday, May 12, 2007

A king Amongst Men

At a time when African children don't have positive and genuine godly male role models it is refreshing that a generation of men is comming into being ,representing the true nature of godly Men .Brave ,honest ,successful in everything they set out to do and surrendered to God's will . I am happy to say God has ordained a Remnant of African Men for himself and for the future African generations.He has ordered hope and talent for young men to serve as role models for nations and a continent stuck in despair and hopelessness .Saved doctors, lawyers,writers ,policy advocates,leaders,pastors ,speakers and most importantly true worshippers.All being groomed ,equipped and anointed to change Africa .
Kings amongst men.Kamau karogo is one such man .The heart of a worshipper is the heart of a true king .When men yield their lives to God then there is hope for our families ,communities and Continent
A king amongst Men
If ever there was a young man who knows and appreciates the blessings of the Lord, it must be Kamau Karongo. Born in Gachie in 1980, Kamau was born the second-last of nine children to a father who passed on in 1993 and a mother who six years later went to meet her maker. Orphaned at a young age, and born in a humble home, this young man has made more of his life than his circumstances might have dictated. Not only has he learnt a number of musical instruments, he entered the Kipawa Talent Search, polling the highest number of votes and winning the People's Choice Award. Now he celebrates his debut album and sits with the promise of a free and full recording of a second one once ready. His forays into music began

while still a small boy involved in his local church where his mother had been a long standing member of the choir. She spurred him on, and he started playing the drums. Yet even though he was not born again, he was drawn to the work and ministry of the church. Nonetheless the untimely demise of his mother made him rethink his life. It was in 1999 when he purposed to give his life to Christ while watching an episode of The 700 Club. He admits he felt on the edge of the decision for a while, and was just waiting for an alter call; any alter call, to respond to. Pat Robertson's call did the trick.

At the time he was working on secular music, though not pursuing recording. He immediately changed course and focused his attentions on gospel music. By now he had become something of a hit in his neighborhood for his skills on guitar and song writing abilities, and when the Kipawa Talent search came around, all his peers pushed him to participate.Speaking to him, it is obvious he is fairly soft-spoken, and when he admits it took a while to get him fully convinced, that's not so hard to believe. Nonetheless he considered it. The talent search was nationwide, and had traversed the country, reaching places like Kisumu, Nakuru, Thika and others. When it finally rolled into Nairobi , two of his friends would hear none of his hesitation, and pushed him into it. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a fantastic ride, one that would offer him a platform to blossom into a recording artist. He was surprised when he made it to the semi-finals. But it's the finals, grouped with 12 others, that really blew him away.The panelists, including Monica of HOPE FM, Gideon Kimanzi, Pete Odera, Victor Mbuvi and Zachs Waweru, saw Kamau make it to the final. Along the way he had wowed the audiences, and they fell in love with him, allowing him to garner the highest number of votes and win the People's Choice Award. Kipawa organizers proceeded to arrange for a recording and video of his first radio single, “Tuohere”.

Later, after a performance at Karura Community Church (KCC), the leadership there offered to buy the track “Ngoro Yakwa” from him. Considering it too dear to his heart, he preferred to retain the rights to it, but allowed them to record it for their album. This is when the doors of production opened up proper. KCC introduced him to producer Steve Ominde of Soulchild Recordings, who produced his next radio single. The cut was later added to a KCC worship album recording.

Now the desire to record his own full album burnt brightly in him, but costs were too prohibitive. He half-heartedly pursued a harambee, but raised a paltry sum. It was then when a lady called Ann Kamau approached him and offered him KSH 10,000 to assist with recording. At this juncture, the blessings started flowing. A local lawyer, not even born again, blessed him with a substantive amount Other well wishers, including a Kenyan lady living in the UK were made aware of his situation and gave heartily, enablimg him to pay for studio time at Soulchild Recordings. Once complete, another hurdle lay ahead – paying for the actual manufacture of the CDs. Amazingly, the very same well wishers opened up their hearts once again and covered that.The goodwill was amazing, and he credits people like the Dorcas Ministry, Muriu, Ann Kamau, the late Racheal Njambi and David Makuyu (Hope FM) for their amazing support.

The launch of his debut album “Psalms 103 (Ngoro Yakwa)” was held in his home church in Gachie. The people came in droves to witness this fantastic event. He likens his album release to the New Testament critics who asked “Can anything good come out of Nazareth ?” He says:“ Even though there were many venues open to me to do the launch, I decided to take it to my home are. I wanted to challenge people. I wanted them to know that something good can come from Gachie”

Now affiliated to DJ Moz and the K-Krew, he is involved in various outreach efforts. He has ministered in schools and colleges from Maseno to Eldoret and beyond, and even shared stage with Jogg C, SK Blue, Daddy Owen, Gospel Fathers, Roughtone, and others.

In addition, he has started up his own organization, The Good Neighbor , based around his hometown nickname “G.N”, given to him for his attractive personality. This organization, with very little funds, does a fantastic job of providing support for many underprivileged locals. Even though he comes from a humble background, his heart is indeed very sensitive to the plight of others. With his meager funds from album sales he's supporting local entrepreneurship – case in point being a young man he has assisted to start up a business at Masai Market. In addition, he has helped support some local kids attend high school at a sponsored school in Gachie.

He says his debut album is a miracle, and a testimony of God's faithfulness. He's grown up as an orphan, but has always experienced amazing harmony in his large family, and though he's struggled, has never lacked. He's managed to learn the guitar, keyboards and drums, and has yet another well-wisher paying for him to study Spanish locally.

As he recalls the journey life has taken him through, especially surrounding the recording of his album, he continually quotes Psalms 105. The album's title track “ Ngoro Yakwa” , kikuyu for “my heart” is based around him reminding his heart to never forget the faithfulness and benefits of God.

One thing is evident about him – Kamau Karongo is a gentleman with a very big heart, destined for even greater things.

To contact Kamau Karongo, or support his ministry, reach him at: