Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloggers block, Positive feed back and More

Yesterday I was talking with a Very good friend of mine (that’s code the woman I am interested in but I am stuck in a traffic jam of circumstances)how I seem to be suffering from bloggers block. A few months ago I was doing almost two posts a day .Though I would like to post more post , I find it difficult to even do two post a week ,anyway today I got positive feed back from a fellow blogger and friend about a post I had not really thought much about .I guess its not a matter of quantity but quality that matters .

A.O.B -this morning I was listening to the writer of a famous Christian relationship book ‘ the 5 love languages and I thought I should share with you the link. Though it’s a little girly as the governator - Arnold Schwarzenegger would say.............. knowledge is empowering and a few tips from the site will probably help you get out of that traffic jam lol(i am hoping it will point me in the right direction) -Don’t let all that pink on the site scare you ! I ill write to Dr Chapman to introduce some blues and other manly colors to that site .Think content and getting you out of your jam!

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