Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Have you ever been in a situation you cant explain but you know God will work things out if you ask him?
Have you ever struggled with desires and turned a blind eye to reason?
Have you ever stood as a pillar to others only to fail?
Do you struggle with sin ?
Do you wake thanking God that he spared you because you know he could have sent you packing to hell in your sleep?
Do you try to push boundaries even when you know you shouldn’t ?
Are you yielded to God but still struggle to give him total control?
Do you hope for the future God has for you and know that things will work out ?
Do you want to be a good example to people close to you ?
Do you want to help point to the light to those who are lost and searching for the light ?

My answer is yes ,
A good Christian is not one who doesn’t fall . A good Christian is one who falls but never gives up . One who is never afraid to rise and who has a sure hope that God took into account his or her failures .Who tries to do his best and lives the rest to God .A good Christian that’s what want to be .I am not holier than thou ….I fall I struggle but I rise up knowing that he who created me will be faithful to complete the good work he began .Don’t judge people for their failures but judge the wealth of grace of Our God who picks us up .I know for sure that there is nothing that is impossible to God .His grace is sufficient His love is abounding .I struggle ,I fail. You struggle ,you fail . He never struggles or fails to pull me out of the pits that I dig He wont struggle or fail to pull you out of yours either .

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