Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Decisions & Blame

Decision Making 

Sometimes we have to make a small decision such as choosing what to eat for lunch or whether to paint the bedroom sky blue or periwinkle. Other times decisions are larger, such as whether or not to move to a new city for a better job,  or keep your old one, end friendships etc . We each have our own style and ways to approach the decision making process. Some of us tend to know exactly what we want. We make up our minds quickly and act immediately. Others prefer to deliberate for a long time, weighing all the angles and options before deciding what to do.

Before you take the 1st step, reflect and discern.

Blaming Others

Blaming others for what’s not going right in our lives is often easy .Looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for what we have done to contribute or not contribute to our circumstance is a new skill we all need . If things are not going right for you, and you find yourself pointing the finger at others, turn that finger back at yourself, because that’s where you need to begin to make changes in your life. You and only you have the power to take charge of your circumstances and create the life you want.

Before you blame, accept responsibility!

Reflect,discern accept responsibility and move on with no bitterness and a clean heart 

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