Friday, January 23, 2009

Godly Men Shouldn't Be Weenies

Christianity has basically communicated to men that the reason God put you on this earth is to be a good boy. Mind your manners, be a nice guy. That's soul killing! It's not true, and for a man to hear the message that the greatest achievement of his life is simply not rocking the boat, not offending anyone, not taking any risks but just being a genuinely swell guy--that kills him.

His nature is made for something much more dramatic. Here's how you can tell: look at the games boys play or the films men love. Boys want risk, adventure, danger, exploration. Why do men love maps? Women don't love maps.

Look at the films men love, whether it's Chariots of Fire, Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, the Die Hard films, Indiana Jones, or James Bond. They all involve a challenge, a great battle, something to be won, some deep hardship to be faced and overcome.

That's the soul of a man. To tell him that you're really not made for that, that what God really wants is for you to be an altar boy, kills a man. It takes all the passion out of life

I have made many mistakes in my life . I have Loved God like David did(& women too lol).I am not perfect and God still loves me .Yes I may come across at first as alter boy but those who know me well know better. I am simply a man after God's own heart.Broken two faced,a sinner but still saved

Joe still living to please God

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