Thursday, September 8, 2005

Marinated by GOD

I have been going through a situation for about three months now. My life isnt going as i had planned.Yes i trust in God .He has flipped the script on me . The bible says in Ecclesiates 3 that there is a Time for everything .The three months have been tuff but i am learning that His grace is sufficient.I have learnt how to be humble and just this week I have learnt that I need to think of others and their needs.This weekGod is marinating me !Tenderaising me as i soak in a waiting and silent period .

This week God is killing the spirit of pride in my life.
This week God is teaching me how to be silent.
This week God is teaching me to listen to wisdom.
This week God is teaching me trust and patience.

Thank you Jesus for putting me in this school and teaching me all this things Thank you for marinating my life so as to make it sweet ,
Thank you for teaching me the importance of silence,
Marinate my life and make it sweet not for me but for others ,
Teach me your ways and let me be , a sweet sweet sacfrifice pleasing to thee

Thank you God for your mercy that is new every morning
thank you God for your love endures forver
thank you God for your favour lasts for a lifetime
thank you God that you are seasoning me for your season
thank you God for taking time to teach me
i love you and i will serve you

*I lived in the gulf coast region for a while and i just want to say to all those affected by Hurricane katrina peace and R.I.P.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Muita its great to see you havent lost faith after living in North America as long as you have ..Great blog dude.....

When you relinquish full control of your future to the Lord only then shall you achieve happiness on earth....Muits!

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