Saturday, September 17, 2005


In life storms came in different shapes and forms.Some big some small but all distructive. I once read that God recruits His best soldiers in the highlands of afflictions .why? because the best soldiers win the most difficult of wars i guess.

In the book of Matthew chapter 14 the story of Jesus walking on the water is told . The disciples of Jesus had been in a storm out in the open water and in the 4 th watch of the night Jesus came walking on the water towards them while the storm raged.

Jesus then said to them (Matt 14:27) take courage it is I, Dont be afraid.And when he climed into the boat the wind died down,then those who were in the boat worshiped him saying truly you are the son of God(Matt 14:32).

As we walk in our storms my hope is that you remember YESHUA in the raging winds and the swirling waters around you.

Jesus can calm storms at the command of His voice ......Peace be still ! and storms are stilled. Let Jesus into the boat of your life

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