Saturday, September 17, 2005

Special Order

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or drive through and ordered something that wasn’t on the menu a 'special order'.Say at mc Donalds You order a Big Mac meal but you don’t want all the vegetables on the Big Mac . Special orders are different and they take a longer time to prepare. Often, if its at a drive through you are instructed to drive to the front because the wait will take time .

In life many of us have also made special orders that are taking time to prepare. Is everybody around you getting what they want and you alone are left waiting .Maybe it’s a husband and all your friends are getting married or a wife .It could even be a job, car or even a house . But what you forget was that when you prayed to God you were specific on what you wanted .

You did not want any regular thing .You wanted a secure ,funny,God Loving financialy set man who could make you laugh , a girl who could sing like Charlotte Church and looks like Gabriel Union or a big house facing the bay, 10 min from downtown .

Let me remind you that whatever order you made is not lost in the kitchen and the only reason it is taking time is because it’s a special order.

The book of Isaiah 43:19 says. See am doing a new thing ! now it springs up ;do you not perceive it I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland .

Rest assured that your special order is on the way .The only reason its taking time is it has to be just right specific to the way you ordered it.

God wants you to have the desires of your heart. Your order is coming


Shiroh said...

Wow i love that.Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

That is very true my brother keep encouraging us we need it.

gishungwa said...

first time and i must ask kwani umetumwa?
i have been struggling with prayers that take too long to get answered now am better relieved and will be coming by more often. I really needed that.
thanks for passing by my place kwa shai wakati wowote.

Prousette said...

Thank you for the encouragement joe. First time here and am nodding my head vigorously.
Lots of things make sense

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing as gishungwa. Am like yaani Joe did Sir God send you or what. I trully need to see him answer my prayers.

Thank you Lord for answering one of my prayers and part of the other.

Joe you are a God send. Thanks Bro

Joseph Walking said...

Thank you for your comments but thank God for He gives living water. i am just a clay pot carrying the water.