Friday, August 4, 2006

reality -matrix

Rene Descartes' philosophical quote ‘I think therefore I am.' Has to be one of the most famous suppositions in philosophic thought. Loosely translated it reminds me of what one of my professors used to say .Your perception is your reality. So today morning I was standing at the bus stop (yes I catch the bus)*insert droves of women running away here. I happen to observe the behavior of drivers as they passed by. The louder the music and more slick the car the more the passengers looked out to see if those at the bus stop were watching .

Their reality of importance was based on their perception of how we viewed them, (or what they thought) .Funny enough standing there at the bus stop none us even thought of the cars passing by let alone the drivers within . Yes we were looking but we were all in deep thought really not paying attention to who or what was passing , waiting on the bus .(except me ofcourse.since i was in deep scientific and philosophic thought on car passing me by taking notes of the drivers ) Now the funny thing is that on a number of occasions I myself have driven past the same bus stop. I am not talking of when I am passing by in my 1995 Toyota* . but one of the few times I have borrowed my sister's VW Jetta .And I am ashamed to admit this the volume was loud sun roof open and I was looking at the souls at the bus stop thinking they must think I am some big shot. Luckily for other reasons I quickly put that thought out of my mind, lowered the volume reminding myself to be humble.

So today being on the reverse end it hit me! Sometimes our perception of how others perceive us might be a misperception that clouds our reality. so next time you pass us poor souls at the bus stop remember perception is a complicated thing reality is not .how about lowering the music and offering me a ride .Have a blessed day and may you have the reality of God in your life


Zorret said...

Ahh, a breath of fresh air as I read through the maze of blogs out there. Interesting take.I used to catch the bus and boy I would look at those warm and coz folks driving by sure to get to their destination a few minutes while the bus would get me there hours later.When I switched places, I remember to say a prayer for those standing at the bus stop in sub zero temps or in the sweltering summer heat. I guess if you've been there, you empathize more than if you've never.Sadder still, are those who are quick to forget their past and imagine they've always been atop the apple tree.God bless you, love your blog(thus far...:)

mia said...

Interesting. I heard this on a Ravi Z sermon over the weekend - "People's prejudices color their perceptions." So true, and in line with what you've shared. I've stopped being bothered with people's prejudices coz I've learnt that I can't change what they think of me, but I can still enjoy my journey nevertheless.