Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Book of Job

Coming into work today I did something I haven’t done in a while ,think of what I am going to say on my blog.I thought of a few things but I knew I wanted to blog about the book of job. So in my usual self I was running all this word plays trying to sound intellectual and philosophic. Wisdom is ancient but revelation is new …I have always had a thing for turning simple slogans into deep thoughts. sometimes the truth is right in your face but you are looking to far into the horizon to see it .you get my drift .anyway I decided just coming clean plain and simple would be the way to go.

The book of job is one of those books in the bible that one can overlook .The story of job for me is a book that is showing me how lucky I am to live in this age and to know the revelation of Jesus Christ My Lord . In the book job is comforted by his friends and in a series of dialogues some very interesting questions are asked. At that time neither Job nor his friends could answer some of the questions. But shockingly today most of us can answer some of those questions.

Yet we take it for granted that the knowledge we have even faithful servants of God such as Job did not have .So anyway my point is lets not take for granted the revelation that we have in Christ Jesus and the revelation that we get from the holy spirit.

Read the book of job if you can it will shock you that many answers that were unknown and considered heavenly mysteries can now be know simply by reading the new testament and asking God for revelation.

Have a blessed day and dust of that Bible the truth is in there

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shiro said...

This is inspiration to go and get out my bible from where I keep it and read it. Thanks for reminding me that my bible is still there and needs to be read. Be blessed!