Monday, March 5, 2007

Turning 30

Ok it’s now official. Today I turn or should I say turned 30 .Its a kind of empowering feeling.A bit different from other peoples take. Though I do agree with the emails proclaiming me officially old .Aaaah! The twenties many mistakes but good times too. Anyway , I am looking forward to a more mature approach to issues and situations being 'old' now .Not many people get to enjoy their 30's ...because they are playing catch up .Thankfully I think for me it will be more twicking than catching up and for that I am grateful . God has been good and I look forward to any responsibilities He may have for me .Turning 30 I think for me carries that as its biggest challenge-the responsibility of purpose .Its time to show what you are really made off (,character, purpose, vision)For me God willing these are the traits I want to show in my thirties .It may be lost to some but 30 was the age that Jesus began his ministry,30 was the age David was crowned as King of Israel and 30 was the age at which Joseph become Prime Minister of Egypt. So at 30 , my prayers is that God will grant me the character of My lord Jesus, the purpose to do God's will as David did and the Vision to carry out and fulfill the dreams God gave me like Joseph

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