Friday, April 13, 2007

Celebrating Disappointment

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You have turned for me my mourning into dancing. —Psalm 30:11

After receiving his second Academy Award, Denzel Washington said to his family, “I told you, if I lost tonight, I’d come home and we’d celebrate. And if I won tonight, I’d come home and we’d celebrate.” Denzel, a Christian, was trusting God, whether in blessing or in disappointment.
A Christian couple I know were inspired to follow Denzel’s example. The woman was applying for a dream job that had just opened up where she worked. The interview went well, but she knew she might not get the position. Her husband suggested, “Let’s make reservations at our favorite restaurant this Friday to celebrate—no matter what the outcome.”
Soon the news came that someone else was offered the job. But that Friday the disappointed couple still celebrated. While eating a delicious meal, they were able to count their blessings and renew their faith in the God who holds tomorrow’s opportunities in His hand.When the psalmist counted his blessings, he was lifted out of his despair and praised God, saying, “You have turned for me my mourning into dancing” (Ps. 30:11).
Are you facing a situation in which you could be disappointed? Why not set up a celebration to count your blessings no matter what the outcome? —Dennis FisherDennis Fisher-->

Thank God in your disappointment,Celebrate His grace and love;
Know that He will never leave youAnd will bless you from above. —D. De Haan

The pain of disappointment is soothed by a heart of gratitude.


Aoko said...

I like your blog. I am linking to it. And it's funny, we kinda sorta blogged the same thing March 19th... how can you say life is hard at 30? I am just slightly over 21 and I think it's a struggle! As for disappointment, I think it has its own unique strengthening qualities... but praising despite it does work to soothe even the most disappointed heart.

The truth said...

mmh i see what you mean .enjoy 21 coz 30 is like a heart attack

Aoko said...

why don't you allow comments for all your posts?

The truth said...

lol it keeps me honest not posting for comments and gives you time to reflect on the post .If someone really wants to comment they will come back later to comment

Aoko said...

just like i suspected! i thought about doing that last week! i've been praying about not allowing any comments for my posts, for that same reason. pray for me. God bless you. your reward will be big.