Thursday, April 19, 2007

The writing on the wall

van Rijn (1606-1669)

Rembrandt was considered by some sources to be a deeply religious man and by others an unscrupulous cad, Rembrandt was without a doubt one of the greatest painters of all time. As an artist, Rembrandt's range was extraordinary: graphic artist, painter of historical and religious subjects, landscapes, and everyday life. He was a superb storyteller, interjecting sympathy and compassion with an uncanny ability to capture his subject's innermost feelings . one of his greatest paintings without a doubt was the writing on the wall from the story inthe book Daniel . which kind of brings me to yesterdays events

Its funny that i have to do a post about office politics again in the span of a few weeks .So yesterday the hummer fell again ,my immediate boss was fired . Details are still fuzzy but the office is on fire with gossip and whispers. To be honest i have been around this mountain and i think its time for me to move to the promised land .Funny thing even though my boss was my biggest allies in the company i always knew that she was the way she was because God willed it .So no matter what turn things take i am perfectly ready for the outcome .My faith was not in My boss who was fired yesterday nor was it in her boss who was unceremoniously moved to a dead end job .My faith is in God ,its not even in the little savings i have because i know in an instant they could be gone .Everyday i wake up and thank God for this is the day he has made and at night i go to sleep like a baby with no care in the world on good days and difficult days those two things never change because of the peace that surpasses all understanding .

I guess the writing is on the wall ,its just a matter of being like the sons of issachar and reading the sign of the times and acting accordingly .

Have faith ,walk by faith and nothing can shake you