Monday, August 13, 2007

You cant embrace the future and hold on to the past .A couple of months ago I started preparing for a move into a future I did not know. All I knew at the time was that my skills and potential were being wasted and I need a change . Through out 2006 I said the same thing over and over to myself but the thought of moving into something that was unknown kept me from making my move .The funny thing is I have never made a move in my life that did not succeed .so it wasn’t the fear of failure that kept me from moving it was just the fear of the unknown and the comfort of my current position .Needless to say I kept putting off the move . I kept saying at the end of this month I will resign and move on .only to find myself coming up with a reason to stay . So while I was preparing for change and doing what I needed to do to prepare for the unknown I larked the guts to move . I set up all sorts of terms and condition to resign only to make more when those conditions were met . I will resign when I have x amount saved . When x amount was in the bank I would say I need another x amount . Funny enough the company got a new boss and soon layoffs were in the wax .First to go was my immediate boss who was the hiring manager .Then a few weeks later I was called into a meeting with senior management . Your position is being terminated ! You should have seen the smile on my face . Mentally and financially I was prepared but God had allowed circumstances and events to push me out into what I did not know .
Its been almost two months since that day . I am still job hunting but God has been taking care of me .My finances are still in very Good shape and my hopes are still high . Its funny how God watched while I larked the courage to lip .My faith would have been much stronger had I jumped and put my faith in God rather than being pushed . But I thank God because he is a God of wonder and second chances .When I needed a push He gave me a push .I can remember the faces on the people who let me Go the shock that I wasn’t angry , infact I was smiling because I knew God was up to something . Destiny was calling and fate was finally catching up with me .
Anyway You cant have what you want in life ,If you hold on to the past you are tired of . You might not get the chance I got when I was pushed to the unknown . You only live once take a risk and let God work it out .

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