Sunday, May 4, 2008

Recommited and rededicate

Its been a while since I did an original post .Wondering in the backside of the desert has been difficult . Tribal hatred ,elections ,battle with passion or should I say burning with passion all sorts of things have been happening .For starters I have always been a focused kind of guy but the last 24 months have been everything but focused. Anyway I know we go through things for a reason and God's purpose always prevails.It cant be stopped and that's a good thing .Today I rededicated myself to Christ .Laying down the things I have carried in my christian walk that were not so christian . I guess the past 3 years was a finishing school. God wanted me to realise that I can't go into his promised land with the little things I think I can secretly carry there .(funny how we think we can sneak things before God's all seeing eye)

There is a fine difference between pretending and surrender.I now realise that I can't fool God. Running to say, well I repent ,its difficult well ,we are not perfect(I am not perfect)will not cut it anymore .I have to work out my faith and salvation in fear and trembling .I know things will have to change (how I related to others and to myself).I have to get to where God wants me to be .


Uzimalife said...

Forge ahead......

Anonymous said...

ever since them days of mashada you have been nothing but intolerable hate monger.

you made christianity your peddlestone for spewing tribal hatred and bigotry.

it's about time you publicly apologized for your fanatism.